You might now be asking BUT WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? As the saying goes, “You can be the solution to water pollution!”


Transportation Facilities

Onsite vehicle parking and general site activities generate the potential for leaks and spills that can add pollutants to stormwater runoff.

Home Vehicle Care

Do not pour hazardous waste down drainsWashing your personal vehicles and degreasing parts at home can send detergents and other contaminants into the storm sewer system. Dumping vehicle fluids into storm drains has the same result as dumping the materials directly into a body of water.

Residential Landscaping

Pet Waste

Lawn Care

Excess fertilizers and pesticides applied to lawns and gardens can be washed off and pollute local waterways. In addition, yard clippings and leaves can wash into storm drains and contribute nutrients and organic matter as they degrade.

Septic Systems

diagram of a septic tankLeaky and poorly maintained septic systems release nutrients and pathogens (bacteria and viruses) that can be picked up by stormwater and discharged into nearby water bodies. Pathogens can cause public health problems and environmental concerns.